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kim sauter


I headed to the desert to check out the latest fall lines from our FAVs at the MAGIC Tradeshow at the Mandalay Bay but the company and the adventures made it one I will never forget! Interested in where we went?! You know I am going to share! We stayed at The Aria and it was beautiful, had everything my high maintenance self needed and MORE! The beds were SUPER comfortable AND the pillows which can be a huge deal breaker for me because sleep is so important! They had fantastic rooms, comfy robes, a Pressed Juicery (one of my true loves), Starbucks and an amazing day spa. STAY THERE! You will not regret it! Check out the gallery and itinerary below! Happy travels, take me with when you go! XO 


Las Vegas Razor Adventures

We were picked up by a shuttle service at 10:30 AM for our ATV adventure in the desert.. I recommend eating a VERY light breakfast before heading out or taking it with you for the ride. It is roughly a 15 minute drive from the strip but we had to stop at another pick up point for other guests. Roundtrip it took us roughly 30 minutes. I would absolutely do the Razor Adventure again and I KNOW it is an experience that Alex and I will never forget! Check out the videos and pics below! You NEED to check it out next time you are there! 

Dinner at The Wynn at SW Steakhouse

I was amazed by the menu options for vegan/vegetarian babes at this place! You can not beat the ambience as it overlooks the beautiful waterfall The Wynn is famous for. This is a perfect spot of a photo op or an after dinner cocktail! I had the mushroom ravioli which was made with... Kite Hill Almond Milk Cream Cheese. BOOM! I know, right?! You ladies know how much I love this stuff. I had to order it and it was delicious! Their menu and portion sizes are huge! I would absolutely recommend, this is a great place to maybe spot some celebs too! 

XS at the Wynn

The vibe here was super cool and it was easy to get drinks. There is nothing worse than waiting for a cocktail, am I right ladies? Tick, tock. We had so much fun at the XS and were thankful and grateful for the experience. It will definitely be one that is hard to top and I recommend the XS if your looking for amazing music to add to your playlist. The DJs were fantastic and I was shazamming a majority of the time. I know I am a nerd, don't tell anyone! 



I was extremely impressed by the trade show and had so much fun picking out new items for the COQUETTE COLLECTION! I am making some major changes to the store and which brands we will and will not be carrying! I was able to make decisions quickly and my brand reps were super helpful in making sure my orders were made quickly so I could get on with my day! I was nursing a major hangover so I thankfully medicated with a green juice before BUT I had to dig deep. The struggle is sometimes real. We stayed for a few hours. We came, we saw and we conquered! So FUN! 

Fashion Show Mall

The Fashion Show should be on every Coquette Babes to do list while in Vegas. I picked up some necessities for Alex at Express and then also went to Zara and Topshop. I would have liked to have stopped at Nordstrom but ran out of time. We stopped for some guac and margs on the patio at El Segundo Sol (tacos and tequila, you can not go wrong even when your paying for bad decisions from the night before). 

Zumanity at New York New York

Everyone I was with said this was the best show they have EVER seen in Vegas BUT you know me. Always an opinion. I work in marketing, branding and have a performing arts background. The acts were amazingly talented and beautiful but I feel this show needs to go through a rebranding overhaul and they should hire me to do it! I wanted to see the girls in nude bras and bodysuits with sequins and rhinestones everywhere (imagine Britney in the toxic video, JLO, etc. etc.). It was good but the outfits, hair and make up seem dated. We ended up with seats in the front row which added to the experience and enjoyment, you never knew when you might get a boobie or some guys package in your face so that was NICE! I have been to many shows in Vegas and my favorite is BY FAR is The Beatles LOVE at the Mirage (I cried, many, many times). Jersey Boys is also good, Absinthe I love and so is the one and only Celine! 

Dinner at TAO

You honestly can't make a wrong decision here. The first words you see on their website are SPIRITUAL DINING.... yes, that is the type of dining I NEED! Top picks were the vegetable dumplings which were of course hand rolled, the veggie lo mein and also the broccoli with black bean sauce. I wanted to kiss the waiter when he politely asked, "if there were any vegetarian needs he needed to take care of". Why yes, sir. Go. Here. Please. 



My girlfriend really hooked a girl up when she planned this fun little morning and I hope to spend Valentine's Day with her at the Aria Spa every year from now on! I double up on Pressed Juicery and met her (in my robe, didn't want to take it off) in the morning for some girl time. We hit up the 100 Degree Lava Rock, Salt Room, Eucalyptus Steam Room, Cedar Sauna, Hot Tubs and The Rejuvenation Pool. This Place is beautiful, relaxing and a great spot for instagrammy photos. You also NEED to go! I could live in the steam room. Give me all the HEAT! 


This was my first TOP GOLF experience and I really loved it. I am not good. At all. Sometimes it takes me three tries to actually hit the ball off the tee BUT my group was easy breezy so that helped. I planned on wearing cute boots with a heel but ended up taking them off. Next time I will wear flats.. I guess. Food was good and so were the drinks! If your hubby or boyfriend loves golf you must also do this! It is right off the strip! Try and get on the upper deck if you go! XO 


The HIGH ROLLER was cute and you must make sure you get in a bubble with a bar. They serve drinks all the way through and also provide a shot at the top. This is a great spot for pictures. I would like to go once more at night to see all the pretty lights! They made it extra cute by giving the ladies Valentine flowers. 

Dinner at STK at the Cosmo

Basically a club atmosphere while you eat. In my world, heaven. This place was also freakishly awesome and I will be going back. It was fun to be there on Valentine's Day and see all the beauties dressed up on their dates. Vegas is on another level. If you go to any of these restaurants pack PRETTY dresses, shoes and jackets so you don't feel out of place! I recommend the mushroom risotto, crab ravioli and the cloud for dessert. 

Message me your VEGAS questions! I will send you the links and info!